My Dizahyrd & Destined Destination is a Visions and Goals Accountability Social Program where we work to make dreams a reality. This is an annual event that God Is The New Black, Inc. will host each year that will consist of people who are eager to change their life. Are you determined to do more and continue to grow and move in a good direction? Then this event is for you. Everyone will be provided with a Visions & Goals Accountability Workbook. With this book they will cut and paste cutouts from magazines like you would with a poster board, about what they envision for their lives. Also with this workbook they will jot down 3 goals to accomplish by the end of the year. GITNBINC will hold each guest accountable all year by checking in with them through out the year.



To give our guests the tools to witness their full potential. To hold them accountable of accomplishing their goals. GOAL SETTING IS TURNING YOUR VISIONS INTO ACTION. A vision without detailed, concentrating goals is just a dizahyr or an anticipation. Without targeted goals, how will you ever know if your vision is being accomplished? A vision needs direction with milestones, but how do you determine what those goals are?

Our Programs

Paris Hart, Serwa Collins, Shontoria Quarles, Chi Christine, Courtney Pankey 
Somalia Ramin, Masonia Traylor, Rasheena Nash, Antoinette Malcolm, Jewel Anderson 
 The Fourth Annual - "My Dizahyrd & Destined Destination" Visions & Goals Accountability Social Gathering - 1.11.2020 SP EDITION! 
Raushanah N. Butler & Ki'Jia Willingham 
 The Fifth Annual - "My Dizahyrd & Destined Destination" Visions & Goals Accountability Social Gathering - 1.9.2021 VIRTUAL EDITION! 


Tatjyana Elmore - "Thank you Avonti Adizahyr, I appreciate your support and motivation throughout the year. The Check In Meetings were very essential with keeping me on track and help me remain focused. You are such a natural coach that genuinely care about helping people. Being able to carry my Vision Book everywhere was a constant reminder of my goals, especially when I faced challenges. Thanks for a great event!"

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Monet Jamison - "Truly an amazing concept! I've always used vision boards and prayer journaling for manifestation but this is truly a game changer! THANK YOU!"

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After The Flood Peace Retreat is a weekend getaway to the North Georgia Cabins for members to come together to bond, meditate, and focus on their new beginnings.

"God Is Always In Style!"

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